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India has a population of over 1.4 billion and is one of the world’s largest
economies. Discover Model Economic Township, located in proximity to an
emerging district of Gurgaon and Manesar industrial hub.


The Features of Model Economic Township

Model Economic Township is located just outside of New Delhi, the capital of a country that has a massive growth market with a population of over 1.4 billion - India. The park is proximate to the Gurgaon District, a rapidly developing new urban area, and provides easy access to Manesar, an area in Gurgaon where major India-based manufacturing businesses, including Maruti Suzuki India Limited, are clustered. It is also registered as one of “Japan Industrial Township”, a bilateral project between the government of Japan and India. The park’s management and operation are conducted by the Reliance Group, one of the most established conglomerates in the country, and the locators can enjoy an enhanced range of services provided by a private firm. Marubeni has been serving as a sales agency of the industrial park since 2016.

Located near the capital New Delhi
Situated in the metropolitan area of New Delhi, Model Economic Township is proximate to the new urban area Gurgaon District and provides easy access to Manesar, an area in Gurgaon where many manufacturing businesses are clustered. The park provides a perfect location for corporate activities and for developing a supply chain.
Operation and management by a well-established local conglomerate
A well-established local conglomerate Reliance Group is the developer of the park and provides comprehensive operation and management services. Based on its years of experience in the Indian market, the group takes every possible precaution, especially with regard to land rights, which is one of the complicated issues in India.
Comprehensive utility services
The park area’s electricity is supplied by a public enterprise. Water supply and drainage service, which can often be an issue in local government-managed industrial parks in India, is also safe and reliable much like typical private industrial parks in Asia.



Model Economic Township is located in the Jhajjar District, an area about an hour’s drive from the capital city New Delhi. It is proximate to the rapidly developing urban area Gurgaon District, which also means that Manesar, an area where many manufacturing businesses are clustered, is also accessible. Not only does the park provide great access to the New Delhi International Airport, but also to the major waterfront areas in India such as Gujarat and Mumbai, which can easily be accessed via National Highway 48 (formerly NH-8).


Model Economic Township is about an hour’s drive from the capital New Delhi and can be easily accessed by taking National Highway 48.

Layout Plan

Model Economic Township is a part of an integrated township development project on land with a total area of 3,000 ha. The industrial area has been developed in the initial stage and currently covers about 700 ha of the land.


The residential and commercial area is planned to be developed after the completion of the industrial park area for improved convenience.


Operating Company
Model Economic Township Limited
Reliance Group 100% [Marubeni: Sales agency]
Jhajjar District, Haryana
60 km (37 miles) from New Delhi CBD
55 km (34 miles) from New Delhi Int’l Airport
33 km (21 miles) from Gurgaon CBD
Development Area
3,000 ha / Industrial area: 690 ha
Number of Locators
400 companies
Power Supply
33 kV / 11 kV power grid
(Receives 220 kV power supply through two transmission lines)
Water Supply
100,000 m3/day (131,800 yd3/day)
* Phase 1: 12,500 m3/day (16,300 yd3/day)
* Drinking water and recycled water is supplied by the operating company
Wastewater Treatment
12,500 m3/day (16,300 yd3/day)
* Locator’s primary-treated wastewater will undergo final treatment in a facility operated by the operating company
Service provided by Reliance Jio Infocomm Private Limited[m1]
Other Facilities
Bonded terminal (Allcargo Logistics[m2] Ltd.)
Residential, commercial, and convenient facilities are planned to be developed in the future

List of Locators

Locator’s Company NameNationalityParent Company of the
Japanese-Owned Locator
Denso Haryana Pvt. Ltd.Japan㈱デンソー
Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd.Japanパナソニックホールディングス㈱
Tsuzuki India Precision LLPJapan㈱都筑製作所
Nihon Kohden India Pvt. Ltd.Japan日本光電工業㈱

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