VIETNAMAmata City Halong Industrial Park

Vietnam is transforming into a massive consumer market as its export industry continues to grow.
Discover Amata City Halong Industrial Park, located in proximity to the port city of Hai Phong with
improving transportation infrastructure.


The Features of Amata City Halong Industrial Park

Vietnam has been achieving rapid economic growth as a result of the development of its export industry, made possible by its abundant workforce, and it is now becoming a massive consumer market with a GDP per capita of USD 3,000 and a population of nearly 100 million. Ha Long, a city that is located close to the third-largest city in Vietnam, Hai Phong, is directly connected with South China by a highway. The park’s nearest international gateway is Lach Huyen Port, the only deep-sea port in Vietnam’s northern area which serves as a cornerstone of the country’s supply chain. Since 2021, Marubeni functions as a sales agency for Amata City Halong Industrial Park, which was developed by Thailand’s leading industrial park developer, Amata Group.

Strategic location in the Asian region
Amata City Halong Industrial Park is geographically close to the Eastern Asian countries, which are Vietnam’s key import partners, and has land access to South China, one of the world’s largest industrial centers.
Highly developed transportation networks
The locators can use the rapidly evolving and highly developed transportation networks in the region, including the newly opened Ha Long-Hai Phong Expressway, the Lach Huyen Port, the only deep-sea port in Vietnam’s northern area, and the two international airports (Cat Bi and Van Don).
Provides the most generous tax incentives in the country
Amata City Halong Industrial Park is accredited as a special economic zone, and the locators can benefit from Vietnam’s most generous tax incentives, including corporate tax treatment.
Convenient location in the Hai Phong metropolitan area
The historical port city of Hai Phong is making a dramatic transformation with new commercial facilities and residential buildings to provide increased convenience. Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also accessible from the park.
Developed by an industry-leading developer
With more than 30 years of experience in the development and operation of industrial parks in Thailand and Vietnam, the Amata Group provides reliable services to locators in the area.



Amata City Halong Industrial Park is located in Quang Ninh Province, home to the World Heritage-listed Halong Bay, and is in proximity to Vietnam’s third largest city, Hai Phong. In this area, the Vietnamese government plans to establish a 5,800-ha SEZ called Quang Yen Economic Zone, and create a smart city centered around the industrial area to minimize the commute of residents living in the township. The industrial park offers a strategic location with access to a nearby highway that connects to international ports and airports.


Amata City Halong Industrial Park is about 25 km (16 miles) from the city center of Hai Phong and can be accessed via the Ha Long-Hai Phong Expressway.

Layout Plan

Amata City is an integrated township development project on land with a total area of 5,800 ha; the industrial park will cover 4,100 ha of the land and the remaining 1,700 ha will be developed into a township. The Phase-1 development of the industrial area is currently under construction.


A smart city with a residential and commercial area is planned to be developed after the completion of the industrial park area for improved convenience.


Operating Company
Amata City Halong Joint Stock Company
Amata Group [m1] 100% [Marubeni: Sales agency]
Song Khoai Ward, Quang Yen Town, Quang Ninh Province
25 km (16 miles) from Hai Phong CBD
Development Area
5,789 ha / Industrial area: 714 ha (Phase-1)
Number of Locators
1 company
Power Supply
22 kV power grid (Supply capacity: 189 MVA [three 63 MVA transformers])
* Supplied by Vietnam Electricity and distributed by the operating company
Water Supply
27,000 m3/day (35,300 yd3/day)
* Supplied by the operating company
Wastewater Treatment
24,000 m3/day (31,400 yd3/day)
* Locator’s primary-treated wastewater will undergo final treatment in a facility operated by the operating company
Fiber-optic network access planned
Other Facilities
Smart city (residential & commercial area) planned to be developed in the nearby area

List of Locators

Locator’s Company NameNationalityParent Company of the
Japanese-Owned Locator
Jinko Solar Co., Ltd.China

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