INDONESIAMM2100 Industrial Town

Indonesia is one of the largest markets with a high growth potential in
ASEAN. Discover MM2100 Industrial Town, located in the proximity of
the capital Jakarta.


The Features of MM2100 Industrial Town

With a population of 270 million people while having rich mineral resources and a young labor pool, Indonesia is one of the largest markets with a high growth potential in the ASEAN region. Since September 1990, Marubeni has been working together with local partners to drive the development, sales, operation, and management of MM2100 Industrial Town under the Indonesian government’s industrial policy. This industrial park, with a total development area of about 1,500 ha and accommodating more than 350 companies, generates an annual output value of USD 10 billion and it is expected to achieve further growth in the future. Currently, we offer available spaces within the park, which includes the expanded area developed by our partner company, for businesses interested in making a foray into the Indonesian market.

The capital city Jakarta
MM2100 Industrial Town, located in the Bekasi Regency, is the closest industrial park to Jakarta within the regency. Not only that it is convenient for commuting, but it also offers easy access to Tanjung Priok Seaport and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, which makes the place an ideal base for production and logistics.
Direct link to the highway
The park is directly connected to the Jakarta-Cikampek Highway, providing great access to Jakarta city center, airport, and seaport as well as other industrial parks for building an optimal supply chain.
Stable power supply
The locators are provided with an ample and stable supply of power by the local private power company specifically approved by the Indonesian government.
Convenient and reliable services
In addition to our reliable 30+ years of experience in industrial park operation and utility supply, we also offer multiple online services for an improved experience.
Innovative and eco-friendly
MM2100 Industrial Town is highly valued for its eco-friendliness and modernity. The park was selected as Eco-Industrial Park in a program led by the UN and the Indonesian government in 2020 and was also awarded by the government as Smart Industrial Estate in 2021.



MM2100 Industrial Town lies in Greater Jakarta, an area home to nearly 30 million people. Located in the Bekasi Regency, the park is approximately 30 km (19 miles) east of the capital’s city center, and it is the closest industrial park to Jakarta in the regency. Not only that it is convenient for commuting, but it also offers easy access to Tanjung Priok Seaport and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, which makes the place an ideal base for production and logistics. Also, the park is adjacent to a fast-developing area called Cikarang, a new residential area drawing attention for its proximity to workplaces.


MM2100 Industrial Town has direct access to Jakarta-Cikampek Highway. It is located near the interchange of Jakarta Outer Ring Road 2 (JORR 2) and now provides improved access to Tanjung Priok Seaport.

Layout Plan

Once you exit the highway at Cibitung Interchange, you will see MM2100 Industrial Town, covering a total area of 1,500 ha. The traffic within the park is smooth with a four-lane roadway. The central area has a hotel and restaurants to ensure comfort even during non-work hours. The area adjacent to the park, which is also managed by the operating company of MM2100, is currently available for businesses interested in making a foray into the Indonesian market.


Within the area of MM2100 Industrial Town, there is a hotel and restaurants run by the operating company that you can use at any time, whether it’s morning, day, or night. The hotel is available from one-night stay, and there are also service apartment rooms available for long-term business travelers and expats. Although it is located within the industrial park, the hotel provides a quiet environment away from the factories with security and privacy. Furthermore, MM2100 Industrial Town is ideally located for both business and leisure; you can easily commute on weekdays and also go out to the city center of Jakarta or go on a golf course on weekends and holidays.

Asuka Hotel

Room Amenities
Free Internet access, kitchenette (with basic kitchen utensils and tableware), bathtub, air conditioning, TV (NHK available), refrigerator, dining table, bed, closet, desk, chair, telephone, in-room safe, electronic key-card security system
Breakfast, housekeeping, bed-making, free underwear laundry, 2 free bottles of water per day
Other Facilities
Japanese restaurant, fitness center, swimming pool, hot tub & sauna, massage, travel agency, convenience store, meeting rooms
MM2100 Industrial Town, Cikarang Barat, Bekasi 17520, INDONESIA
TEL. (+62)21-898-1450
FAX. (+62)21-898-1451


Operating Company
PT Megalopolis Manunggal Industrial Development
Marubeni 60%, Argo Manunggal Group 40%
Bekasi, West Java province
30 km (19 miles) from Jakarta CBD
55 km (34 miles) from Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport
35 km (22 miles) from Tanjung Priok Seaport
Development Area
805 ha (approx. 1,500 ha in total with the area developed by our partner company)
* The expanded area is currently in development by our partner company, PT Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate Tbk (BeFa).
Number of Locators
179 companies (approx. 350 companies, including the businesses in the BeFa-developed area)
Power Supply
22 kV power grid (Supply capacity: 1,144 MW)
* Distributed by PT.Cikarang Listrindo
Water Supply
72,000 m3/day (94,200 yd3/day)
* Supplied by the operating company
Wastewater Treatment
45,000 m3/day (58,900 yd3/day)
* Locator’s primary-treated wastewater will undergo final treatment in a facility operated by the operating company
Natural gas is piped by PGN and PT Pertamina (Indonesian state-owned gas company). There is also an industrial gas supplier operating as one of the locators in the park.
Fiber-optic network access
* Locators have a free choice of service provider
Other Facilities
Hotel (serviced apartment plans available), Japanese restaurants, bank office, data center, police station, fire station, hospital, customs office, vocational high school

List of Locators

Locator’s Company NameNationalityParent Company of the
Japanese-Owned Locator
PT. Coca-Cola Bottling IndonesiaAustralia
PT. NS Bluescope Lysaght IndonesiaAustralia
PT. Air Liquide IndonesiaFrance
PT. Faber-Castell International IndonesiaGermany
PT. Framas IndonesiaGermany
CV. BhaktiIndonesia
PT. Amasindo Bintang CemerlangIndonesia
PT. Argo PantesIndonesia
PT. Astra Otoparts, Tbk - Divisi NusametalIndonesia
PT. Avidisc Crestec InterindoIndonesia
PT. Bank Central Asia (BCA)Indonesia
PT. Benua Sejahtera KertasIndonesia
PT. Cahaya Kalimas UtamaIndonesia
PT. DCI IndonesiaIndonesia
PT. Dharma Maruwa Garment IndonesiaIndonesia
PT. Diamond Cold StorageIndonesia
PT. Diamond Diaci Anugrah JayaIndonesia
PT. Dian Lestari SejahteraIndonesia
PT. Dunia Kimia Jaya/ PT. Advance Stabilindo IndustryIndonesia
PT. Dyson Zedmark Indonesia LimitedIndonesia
PT. Enomoto SrikandiIndonesia
PT. Haldin Pacific SemestaIndonesia
PT. Igas UtamaIndonesia
PT. IndocaterIndonesia
PT. Indomak Kitacipta KaryaIndonesia
PT. Inter Candy UtamaIndonesia
PT. Lakta Aroma IndonesiaIndonesia
PT. Mayora IndahIndonesia
PT. MeccayaIndonesia
PT. Mega Manunggal PropertyIndonesia
PT. Menara Cipta MetalindoIndonesia
PT. Nusahadi CitraharmonisIndonesia
PT. Oksha Teknologi IndonesiaIndonesia
PT. Okurimono IndonesiaIndonesia
PT. Padma Soode Indonesia/PT. Ciptajaya Kreasindo UtamaIndonesia
PT. Prasidha IntijayaIndonesia
PT. Preformed Line Products IndonesiaIndonesia
PT. Sentra Kemika PersadaIndonesia
PT. Setia Guna SejatiIndonesia
PT. Sinar Kemuning LogisticIndonesia
PT. SPIL Logistik PropertiIndonesia
PT. Subang Horison PropertiIndonesia
PT. Sukanda DjayaIndonesia
PT. Sumber Kita IndahIndonesia
PT. Tirta Alam SegarIndonesia
PT. Tri Centrum FortunaIndonesia
PT. Wahana DirgantaraIndonesia
PT. Wira Logitama SaksamaIndonesia
PT. AKS Precision Ball IndonesiaJapan㈱天辻鋼球製作所
PT. Alpha Industries IndonesiaJapanアルファ・インダストリーズ㈱
PT. Asahi Best Base IndonesiaJapanアサヒ通信㈱
PT. Asahi Denso IndonesiaJapan朝日電装㈱
PT. Astra Honda MotorJapan本田技研工業㈱
PT. Bando Electronics IndonesiaJapan阪東電気㈱
PT. Crestec IndonesiaJapan㈱クレステック
PT. Daido Metal IndonesiaJapan大同メタル工業㈱
PT. Daido SP IndonesiaJapan大同ばね㈱
PT. Daigo SteelJapanアジアパイルホールディングス㈱
PT. Daya Kobelco Construction Machinery IndonesiaJapanコベルコ建機㈱
PT. Denso IndonesiaJapan㈱デンソー
PT. Denso Manufacturing IndonesiaJapan㈱デンソー
PT. Emblem AsiaJapanユニチカ㈱・丸紅㈱
PT. Federal Nittan IndustriesJapan㈱NITTAN
PT. Fukusuke KogyoJapan福助工業㈱
PT. Fukusuke Kogyo IndonesiaJapan福助工業㈱・丸紅㈱
PT. Fukuyama Giken IndonesiaJapan福山技研工業㈱
PT. Goo Indonesia ChemicalJapan互応化学工業㈱
PT. GS Electech IndonesiaJapan㈱ジーエスエレテック
PT. Hanken IndonesiaJapan㈱汎建製作所
PT. Hankyu Hansin Logistics IndonesiaJapan㈱阪急阪神エクスプレス
PT. Hanwa Steel Service IndonesiaJapan阪和興業㈱
PT. Higashifuji IndonesiaJapan日本電産サンキョー㈱
PT. Hisada IndonesiaJapan㈱ヒサダ
PT. Hitachi Astemo Bekasi Powertrain SystemsJapan日立Astemo㈱
PT. Hogy IndonesiaJapan㈱ホギメディカル
PT. Minebea AccessSolutions IndonesiaJapanミネベア アクセスソリューションズ㈱
PT. Ichikoh IndonesiaJapan市光工業㈱
PT. Indonesia Shibaura WingJapan芝浦シヤリング㈱
PT. Istana TiaraJapan東京精密部品㈱
PT. J.S.T. IndonesiaJapan日本圧着端子製造㈱
PT. JFE Shoji Steel IndonesiaJapanJFE商事㈱
PT. JFE Steel Galvanizing IndonesiaJapanJFE スチール㈱
PT. Kansai Paint IndonesiaJapan関西ペイント㈱
PT. Kawanishi Warehouse IndonesiaJapan川西倉庫㈱
PT. Kawashima Engineering Plastic IndonesiaJapan㈱川島工業所
PT. Kayaba IndonesiaJapanKYB㈱
PT. KDS IndonesiaJapan㈱大真空
PT. Kojin IndonesiaJapan㈱コージン
PT. Komatsu IndonesiaJapan㈱小松製作所
PT. Kotera IndonesiaJapan㈱小寺製作所
PT. Koyorad Jaya IndonesiaJapan㈱コーヨーラド
PT. KYB Hydraulics Manufacturing IndonesiaJapanKYB㈱・伊藤忠丸紅鉄鋼㈱
PT. Lotte IndonesiaJapan㈱ロッテ
PT. Mandom Indonesia, TbkJapan㈱マンダム
PT. Maruhachi IndonesiaJapan㈱丸八塗装
PT. Meiwa Mold IndonesiaJapan㈱明和製作所
PT. Mikuni IndonesiaJapan㈱ミクニ
PT. Mitsuba Indonesia Pipe PartsJapanミツバ工業㈱
PT. Mitsubishi Logistics IndonesiaJapan三菱倉庫㈱
PT. MMC Metal FabricationJapan三菱マテリアル㈱
PT. Nihon Chemical IndonesiaJapan日本ケミカル工業㈱
PT. Nippisun IndonesiaJapan日本ピグメント㈱
PT. Nippon Steel Logistics IndonesiaJapan日鐵住金物流㈱
PT. NOK IndonesiaJapanNOK㈱
PT. NSK Bearings Manufacturings IndonesiaJapan日本精工㈱
PT. NSK Bearings Mfg Indonesia /PT. HRS IndonesiaJapan廣瀬精工㈱
PT. NSK-Warner IndonesiaJapanNSKワーナー㈱
PT. NTT Global Data Centers IndonesiaJapanNTTコミュニケーションズ㈱
PT. Nusa Toyotetsu CorporationJapan豊田鉄工㈱
PT. NX Shoji IndonesiaJapanNX商事㈱
PT. OhtomiJapanOhtomi
PT. Oriental Asahi JP Carton BoxJapan日本紙パルプ商事㈱
PT. Panasonic Industrial Components IndonesiaJapanパナソニックインダストリー㈱
PT. Paramount Bed IndonesiaJapanパラマウントベッド㈱
PT. Parker Metal Treatment IndonesiaJapan日本パーカライジング㈱
PT. PHC IndonesiaJapanPHC㈱
PT. Posmi Steel IndonesiaJapan伊藤忠丸紅鉄鋼㈱
PT. Progress Toyo (Indonesia)Japan東陽工業㈱
PT. Resin Plating TechnologyJapanトヨタ車体㈱
PT. Rhythm Kyoshin IndonesiaJapanリズム協伸
PT. Riken IndonesiaJapanリケンテクノス㈱・旭硝子㈱
PT. Roki IndonesiaJapan㈱ROKI
PT. Sankei Gohsyu Industries (PT. SGI)Japan㈱ゴーシュー・三恵工業㈱
PT. Sanken IndonesiaJapanサンケン電気㈱
PT. Sankyo IndonesiaJapan㈱仲野電機製作所
PT. Sanyo Special Steel IndonesiaJapan山陽特殊製鋼㈱
PT. Sato Label IndonesiaJapanサトーホールディングス㈱
PT. SBP IndonesiaJapan住友ベークライト㈱
PT. Seiwa IndonesiaJapan三ツ星ベルト㈱
PT. Sekiso Industries IndonesiaJapan㈱セキソー
PT. Sekisui Polymatech IndonesiaJapan積水ポリマテック㈱
PT. Shibaura Shearing IndonesiaJapan芝浦シヤリング㈱
PT. Shinsei Denshi IndonesiaJapan新生電子㈱
PT. Shinto Kogyo IndonesiaJapan安福ゴム工業㈱・伸東工業㈱
PT. Sliontec Ekadharma IndonesiaJapan㈱スリオンテック
PT. Sohou Kikaku IndonesiaJapan祖峰企画㈱
PT. Sudo Manufacturing IndonesiaJapan㈱須藤製作所
PT. Sugity CreativesJapanトヨタ車体㈱
PT. Sumco IndonesiaJapan㈱SUMCO
PT. Sumitomo Electric Wintec IndonesiaJapan住友電工ウィンテック㈱
PT. Sunstar Engineering IndonesiaJapanサンスター技研㈱
PT. Super Steel KarawangJapan住友商事㈱
PT. Takai Seiki IndonesiaJapan㈱高井精器
PT. Tenma IndonesiaJapan天馬㈱
PT. Tiga Karunia IndonesiaJapan㈱三恵
PT. Topla Abadi JayaJapanRP東プラ㈱・丸紅㈱
PT. Toyo Denso IndonesiaJapan東洋電装㈱
PT. Toyo Seal IndonesiaJapan東洋シール㈱
PT. Toyoriko IndonesiaJapan東洋理工㈱
PT. Toyota Auto Body - Tokai ExtrusionJapanトヨタ車体㈱
PT. Toyota Boshoku IndonesiaJapanトヨタ紡織㈱
PT. Toyota Tsusho Logistic CenterJapan豊田通商㈱
PT. Toyota Tsusho Mechanical & Engineering Service IndonesiaJapan豊田通商㈱
PT. Tsuchiya Manufacturing IndonesiaJapan㈱槌屋
PT. Umeda Kogyo IndonesiaJapan梅田工業㈱
PT. Yamada IndonesiaJapan山田工業㈱
PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor ManufacturingJapanヤマハ発動機㈱
PT. Yamaha Motor Electronics IndonesiaJapanヤマハモーターエレクトロニクス㈱
PT. Yamaha Motor Mold IndonesiaJapanヤマハ発動機㈱
PT. Yamaha Music Manufacturing AsiaJapanヤマハ㈱
PT. Yasufuku IndonesiaJapan安福ゴム工業㈱
PT. YTK IndonesiaJapanユタカ工業㈱
PT. Yusen Logistics Solutions Indonesia (2)Japan郵船ロジスティクス㈱
PT. Yutaka Manufacturing IndonesiaJapan㈱ユタカ技研
PT. Dae In Tech IndonesiaKorea
PT. Dongju Raya IndonesiaKorea
PT. Hab Dong IndoKorea
PT. Hijau Elektronika IndonesiaKorea
PT. LG Electronics IndonesiaKorea
PT. WooinKorea
PT. Denko Wahana Industries IndonesiaMalaysia
PT. Rayavac Battery IndonesiaNetherlands
PT. Jotun IndonesiaNorway
PT. Jawa Manufacturing /PT. Sunrise IndonesiaSingapore
PT. URC IndonesiaSingapore
PT. ABB Sakti IndustriSwitzerland
PT. Teco Elektro Indonesia/PT. Sanyang Industri Ind.Taiwan
PT. Chubb Safes IndonesiaUK
PT Kaneka Foods Indonesia*Japanカネカ食品㈱・三菱商事㈱
PT. Emina Cheese*Japan六甲バター㈱・三菱商事㈱

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