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Myanmar is a country known as the “last frontier in Asia.” Discover Thilawa SEZ with an
industrial area developed through a public-private collaboration between Japan and


The Features of Thilawa Special Economic Zone

With a population of 55 million people behind its neighboring country, Thailand, Myanmar, also known as the last frontier in Asia, has an appealing untapped consumer market and an abundant young labor force. The Thilawa Special Economic Zone development project was implemented through a public-private collaboration scheme with Japan, and Marubeni has been participating in the project since the feasibility study phase. The park is located about 25 km (16 miles) from the country’s largest city, Yangon. Thilawa port, which serves as a logistics-base, as well as the power plant and substation, which serves as an energy-base, were developed by the Japanese ODA and are renowned as top-class facilities in the country. The current development area is approximately 630 ha with more than 110 locators, and further development is expected.

Abundant and young labor force
The metropolitan area of Yangon, home to about 7 million people, has a sizable young labor force. The population within the of Thilawa Special Economic Zone surpassed 400 thousand and is still growing.
Stable utility services
Though vulnerability of infrastructure is often concerned in Myanmar, Thilawa Special Economic Zone provides stable power, water supply and drainage, and communication services from the surrounding infrastructures developed by both the Japanese and Myanmar governments and in-site facilities managed by the operating company of the park to serve the locators’ utility needs.
Benefits for both export-oriented and domestic demand-oriented businesses
Both export-oriented and domestic demand-oriented businesses can enjoy generous tax incentives within the first SEZ in Myanmar to be established under the Myanmar Special Economic Zone Law enacted in 2014.
One-stop approval and licensing procedures
From incorporation to everyday business operations, locators can obtain all the required approvals and licenses for their business by simply visiting the one-stop administrative service center within the SEZ. Administrative officers from more than 10 different ministries and agencies will process the applications quickly and with transparency.
Support from both Japanese and Myanmar government
The development project of Thilawa Special Economic Zone was launched based on an agreement made between the Japanese and Myanmar government in 2012. In addition to the construction and maintenance of the surrounding infrastructures, the park receives generous support from the two governments, from the overhaul of its legal structure to daily park operations.



Thilawa Special Economic Zone is located proximate to Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, and provides easy access to logistics-bases such as Thilawa port, Yangon port and Yangon International Airport. The highway connecting the East-West Economic Corridor running across the Indochina Peninsula is expected to open in the coming years, which will allow land access to Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries in the future.


Thilawa Special Economic Zone is about 25 km (16 miles) from the city center of Yangon. The high-standard highway, financed by Japanese ODA, enables fast, easy, and stress-free transportation.

Layout Plan

Thilawa Special Economic Zone is an integrated township with a total area of 2,400 ha. The industrial area currently covers about 630 ha of land and all entries into the area are controlled by security gates. The residential and commercial area, located adjacent to the industrial area, has various facilities such as restaurants, rented office spaces, hotel, and dormitories for employees to serve the everyday needs of people in the township.


Thilawa Special Economic Zone has a one-stop service center (OSSC) operated by the approval authority, Thilawa SEZ Management Committee (TSMC). Administrative officers from more than 10 different ministries and agencies will help the locators with their applications for incorporation and any other required formalities for everyday business operations. All applications will be processed quickly and with transparency at OSSC. Customs clearance can also be completed within the SEZ. In addition, the residential and commercial area, located adjacent to the industrial area, has various facilities including restaurants and rented office spaces, offering a comfortable working environment for locators. There is also a hotel with a service apartment plan for long-term business travelers to stay and rental dormitories for employees who work in the SEZ.


Operating Company
Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development, Ltd.
Marubeni 12.5%, Mitsubishi Corp. 12.5%, Sumitomo Corp. 12.5%, JICA 10%, Myanmar Private 41%, Myanmar Government 10%
Thilawa, Yangon Region
25 km (16 miles) from Yangon CBD
Development Area
2,400 ha / Industrial area: 667 ha (Zone-A & B)
* Currently under expansion
Number of Locators
111 companies
(Includes incoming locators with valid reservation agreement)
Power Supply
33 kV power grid (Supply capacity: 260 MVA)
* Supplied by Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation and distributed by the operating company
Water Supply
6,000 m3/day (7,800 yd3/day)
* Supplied by the operating company
Wastewater Treatment
4,800 m3/day (6,300 yd3/day)
* Locator’s primary-treated wastewater will undergo final treatment in a facility operated by the operating company.
Fiber-optic network access
* Locators have a free choice of service provider
Other Facilities
One-stop administrative service center, customs office, hotel, Japanese restaurant, dormitory facility for employees, Japanese bank office, clinic

List of Locators

Locator’s Company NameNationalityParent Company of the
Japanese-Owned Locator
Zifam Pyrex Myanmamr Co., Ltd.Australia
Saint-Gobain Construction Products Myanmar Co., LtdFrance
Metro Wholesale Myanmar LtdGermany
Guston Amava LimitedHong Kong
Seiji (Myanmar) Co., LtdHong Kong
Wisechamp Industrial (Myanmar) Co., LtdHong Kong
Alidac Healthcare (Myanmar) LtdIndia
Kalbe Myanmar Co., LtdIndonesia
Nippon Sanso Myanmar Co., LtdJapan大陽日酸㈱
Acecook Myanmar Co., LtdJapanエースコック㈱
Aktio Myanmar Co., LtdJapan㈱アクティオ
Atsumi Myanmar Co., LtdJapan㈱あつみファッション
Chugoku-TOA Paints Myanmar Co., LtdJapan中国塗料㈱
Cute Myanmar Thilawa Co., LtdJapanディーエフシーフーズ㈱
Daizen Myanmar Co., Ltd.Japan㈱大善
Foster Electric (Thilawa) Co., LtdJapanフォスター電機㈱
Fujifilm Myanmar LimitedJapan富士フイルム㈱
Fujitrans Logistics (Myanmar) Company LimitedJapan㈱フジトランスコーポレーション
Fujiwork Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Co., LtdJapan㈱フジワーク
Fumakilla Myanmar Ltd.Japanフマキラー㈱
Golden DOWA Eco-System Myanmar Co., LtdJapanDOWAエコシステム㈱
Igeta & Sun Co., LtdJapan㈱イゲタ金網
JFE Meranti Myanmar Co., LtdJapanJFEスチール㈱・JFE商事㈱・阪和興業㈱・伊藤忠丸紅鉄鋼㈱
Konoike Myanmar Co., LtdJapan鴻池運輸㈱
Koyorad Myamar Corporation Co., LtdJapan㈱コーヨーラド
KUBOTA Myanmar Company LimitedJapan㈱クボタ
Marubeni Myanmar Fertilizer Company LimitedJapan丸紅㈱
Matsunaga (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.Japan㈱松永製作所
Mizuno Precision Parts Myanmar Co., LtdJapan
MOOZ & COMPANY MYANMAR LTD.Japan㈱サンテック・㈱タカハタ
Myanmar Ajinomoto Foods Co., LtdJapan味の素㈱
Myanmar Wacoal Co., LtdJapan㈱ワコール
Myanmar Yangon Blumare Co., LtdJapan㈱ブルマーレ
Myanmar Yazaki Thilawa Company LimitedJapan矢崎総業㈱
Myarnak Co., Ltd.Japanゴムノイナキ㈱
Nissin Electric Myanmar Co., LtdJapan日新電機㈱
NMD (Myanmar) Co., LtdJapan西村無線電機㈱
NS Bluescpoe Lysaght Myanmar LtdJapan日本製鐵㈱
NX Logistics Myanmar Co., LtdJapan日本通運㈱・三井物産㈱
Oji Myanmar Packaging Co., LtdJapan王子ホールディングス㈱
OSHIMANOKI Myanmar Co., LtdJapan大島農機㈱
RK Yangon Steel Co., Ltd.Japan㈱アール・ケイ
Ryobi Myanmar Distribution Services Co., LtdJapan両備ホールディングス㈱
Sankyo Frontier Technologies Myanmar Co., LtdJapan三協フロンテア㈱
Seikitokyu Myanmar Road Co. , LtdJapan世紀東急工業㈱
Sewt Myanmar LimitedJapan住友電装㈱
Showa Glove Myanmar Co., LtdJapanショーワグローブ㈱
Suzuki Thilawa Motor Co., LtdJapanスズキ㈱
Thilawa Global Logistic Co., Ltd.Japan㈱上組・住友商事㈱
Tohno Precision Myanmar Co., LtdJapan㈱トーノ精密
Toyo Ink Myanmar Co., LtdJapan東洋インキSCホールディングス㈱
Toyota Myanmar Co., LtdJapanトヨタ自動車㈱
Velbon Myanmar Co., LtdJapanハクバ写真産業㈱
VJP Co., Ltd.Japanアジアパイルホールディングス㈱
Yakult Myanmar Co., LtdJapan㈱ヤクルト本社
Yangon Can Manufacturing Co., LtdJapan東洋製罐グループホールディングス㈱
YANMAR MYANMAR CO., LTDJapanヤンマーホールディングス㈱
Yukioh Myanmar Co., LtdJapan㈱ユキオ―
Yusen Logistics (Thilawa) Co., LtdJapan郵船ロジスティクス㈱
CJ Foods Myanmar Co., LtdKorea
DS Myanmar Co., LtdKorea
Hansae Myanmar Co., LtdKorea
Koryo Cable Myanmar Co., LtdKorea
LS-GAON Cable Myanmar Co., LtdKorea
Yojin Myanmar Cement Co., LtdKorea
BOXPAK (Myanmar) Company LimitedMalaysia
KIANJOO CAN (Myanmar) Company LimitedMalaysia
YTL Cement Myanmar Co., Ltd.Malaysia
Free Trade Integrated Logistics Ltd.Myanmar
Popular Plastic Group (TSEZ) Co., LtdMyanmar
Thilawa Property Development LimitedMyanmar
Trouw Nutrition Myanmar Co., LtdNetherlands
Chemical Industries (Myanmar) LimitedSingapore
Soilbuild (Thilawa) Co., LtdSingapore
BS Yangon Co., LtdSwitzerland
Buhler Myanmar LimitedSwitzerland
ABBA Aluminium Thilawa Ltd.Taiwan
Crecimiento Industrial Myanmar Co., Ltd.Taiwan
Marketech Integrated Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Taiwan
Myanmar Century Steel Sturcutre Ltd.Taiwan
Sports Gear (Myanmar) Co., LtdTaiwan
Unique Sea Products Myanmar Co., Ltd. (USP Myanmar)Taiwan
A & N Foods (Myanmar) Company LimitedThailand
CPP Fertilizer Co., LtdThailand
DAE-A Electronics Myanmar Co., LtdThailand
Indorama Ventures Packaging (Myanmar) LimitedThailand
Kim Pai Printing and Packaging (Myanmar) Co., LtdThailand
Millcon Thiha Gel LtdThailand
OSOTSPA Myanmar Co., LtdThailand
Pacific-PSP Syntech Co., Ltd.Thailand
Sahadharwat Can (Myanmar) Co., LtdThailand
SCI Metal Tech (Myanmar) Co., LtdThailand
Standard Urai Paint Co., Ltd.Thailand
TOA Coating (Myanmar) LtdThailand
Unimit Engineering (Myanmar) Co., LtdThailand
Yangon Industrial Gas (Thilawa) Co., LtdThailand
Ball Asia Pacific (Yangon) Metal Container LtdUSA
PEB Steel Myanmar LimitedVietnam

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